Under 40 Special

I offer individuals who are paying for coaching out of their own pocket and are under forty years of age, a discounted fee of:


$250 plus GST per session.


All of the other elements as described in the "How It Works" section of the website, stay the same.  It remains an "à la carte" service with no minimum number of sessions or other long-term commitments.


Why the discounted fee?


When I first experienced the power of coaching, it struck me that anyone who is committed to becoming the best possible version of themselves, should have access to an ICF Credentialled Professional Coach.


However, I found that most of the coaches who were running successful coaching practices were focused on Executives and C-Suite clients often at major companies and large organizations.  The reason for this became very clear as the realities of running a coaching business became apparent.  To fund the business expenses, marketing, administration, training, licencing, insurance, and so on while earning a meaningful income, and respecting the fact that most coaches only get paid when they are actually coaching, we end up having to charge quite a bit for the service.


As a consequence, younger people are often priced out of being able to access the amazing professional development and personal growth opportunity that is Professional Coaching. And this bothered me...a lot.


So, what is the Big Deal?


So why is this such a big deal for me?  Well, there are a number of reasons, but by far the biggest one is career and contribution runway.  Let me explain.  


Working with often older Senior Executives in large organizations is fun because of the scale and scope of the influence these individuals bring to their organizations (and beyond).  Working with a Senior Executive usually results in a "trickle down" effect that has a positive impact on hundreds if not thousands of other people who are exposed to that individual's leadership approach and professional maturity.  It is a big deal. The impact can be huge....but it is not the only deal.


The other big deal exists at the other end of the spectrum where a young professional may be just stepping into a leadership role.  If this individual has the opportunity to work with a Professional Coach, not only are they likely to grow more quickly and make fewer mistakes - they are also likely to elevate the trajectory of their contribution over the next...twenty to thirty YEARS!!  So not only are they able to make a larger contribution sooner - they also end up making a bigger overall contribution over the course of their careers.  That to me is very exciting and a tremendous amount of fun.


I am incredibly fortunate to have worked with hundreds of young professionals very early on in their careers and as a result, have the privilege of watching them soar to incredible levels of advancement, influence and contribution.  It is a very big deal.


So, what does all this mean?


I love working with young professionals with a long career runway ahead of them and so, the question became " What can I do to lower the cost so that more people at this stage of their careers can take advantage of Professional Coaching?"  After looking at the numbers, looking at my costs, the expected revenue, and every other factor I could think of, I came up with a "minimum price" that worked out to $242 per session. I rounded it up to $250 to keep things simple. This provides me with a reasonable but sub six figure income and represents the "sweet spot" that allows me to support young professionals while doing so in a sustainable manner.


Limiting this price to individuals under 40 and who are paying for coaching out of pocket, allows me the opportunity to continue to support Senior Leaders and Executives at larger organizations as well. In essence, I get the best of both worlds. I get to support leaders of significant influence, scale, and impact, while investing in the future by working with younger people early in their career to help them maximize their influence and impact over time.


Please let me know if you would like to learn more.


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