Many thanks for the personal and professional guidance.  You have challenged me, and I have very much enjoyed our interaction.  I have grown in my personal awareness as a person, husband, leader and manager and I look forward to continuing this journey.

Bill Todd

President, CleanMax Incorporated

When I first met Gord I was in my late 30s.  I was seeking guidance as a young leader and owner of a start-up medical device company.  I was struggling with the growth of our organization and the weight of directing a growing team. 


Within a few sessions, leadership began to feel natural as Gord provided resources and insight into what it meant to be effective in my role.  My singular goal from Coaching was to become a more effective leader, however I discovered the skills I learned could easily translate into other areas of my life.  These skills helped me to become self aware and content, in general I became a happier person as I continued regular sessions to explore further self-improvement.


In my early forties Gord was once again a resource as I negotiated the emotional waters of the sale of my start-up company. His ability to help me maintain focus and direction through times of significant change has been a critical factor in my success. Time spent with my coach has been one of the best investments I have made in myself. 


Today, I continue to benefit from his insight as I embark on a new chapter in my life.  I recommend Gord enthusiastically to anyone looking to fine tune any aspect of their life.


Brent K.  P.Eng.

Vice President


Gord knows how to maintain a good balance between listening, understanding, and providing words of encouragement and thoughtful perspective.


Through probing questions, he was able to challenge and guide me in my own journey. There were numerous moments of self-realization that I would not have been able to recognize if it wasn’t for his unique style and coaching abilities.


Throughout the months, Gord helped me understand who I am, where my strengths lie and what my vision is for my career. As a result, I gained immense confidence in my abilities and skills. Because of the trust relationship he has cultivated, I know I can reach out to him at any time in the future. I am thankful to have had him as a coach this early in my professional life; I know the concepts I learned from him will be invaluable for the rest of my career.


I highly recommend Gord for anyone seeking personal improvement!


Silvia Fernandez, P.Eng.

TC Energy Corporation


Gord is a fantastic coach who doesn't hold anything back when it comes to helping you reach your full potential. I worked with him over a number of sessions this past year (with plenty of time in between meetings to digest his wisdom), and I can scarcely put into words just how much guidance he was able to provide.

In my case, we focused primarily on my future career aspirations. He helped me to recognize and understand the steps I need to take to further my own career and be where I want to be in life. Furthermore, I have already seen noticeable change at my workplace and in my own feelings towards this end, and have continued along this path since my last session with Gord in October.

I cannot recommend highly enough what Gord does - every professional serious about their career needs to spend some time with him.


Peter Harrison, P.Eng.

Systems Engineer - Team Lead Client Care

TripSpark Technologies


I have had the pleasure of working with Gord for the last year, even today I continue to seek his guidance and insight beyond our scheduled program.


Gord has had a very positive and creative impact on my career as well as my personal life. His ability to decipher, analyze and offer solutions is uncanny and has truly brought my Leadership Skills to the next level.


If you want to garner a different perspective in understanding yourself and those you interact with, I highly recommend you take the time to work with him and invest in yourself!


Ken Booth

District Sales Manager

Gordon Food Services


Gord is first and foremost a life-changer. As far as I am concerned, it is not possible to overstate the impact that he has on the lives of the individuals with whom he works. At least, that has been my experience.


I had the opportunity to start working with Gord in 2015, shortly after I had taken on several challenging leadership roles, and the growth that followed was unprecedented. Each month, we would meet and discuss various topics, ranging from my values, strengths and vision for the future, to addressing challenges I was facing in my current leadership roles. With his help, I was able to develop an understanding of the connection between my values and my actions and recognize where there was a misalignment. For instance, I developed an awareness of the “boxes” I mentally placed people in, and the limitations this mindset imposed on my team’s ability to work together effectively. This insight into my own limiting beliefs and behaviours led to great changes in the way I chose to lead and continues to have a positive impact on my interactions and relationships with others.


With a distinct sense of compassion and authenticity, Gord is able to draw out these realizations by asking tough questions that get to the heart of the issue. These questions consistently betray his wisdom and perceptiveness and helped me reframe issues and view them from a fresh perspective. Regardless of the problem that was in front of me, or the topic we discussed, with Gord’s guidance, I’d land on an answer that I’d somehow had all along. This uncanny ability to find the right question not only served to cast light on countless hidden truths, but also helped to build the confidence I had in my own capacity for self-reflection and growth. The questions that Gord asked, and his insightful observations, continue to provoke “aha moments” to this day. Although some of these discussions can be difficult, Gord quickly earned my trust. His delightful wit, paired with unceasing wisdom, made the learning process both enjoyable and rewarding. Any driven, young professional that wants to tap into the true depths of their potential is making a wise choice in reaching out to Gord.


Erica M.

I had the pleasure of being coached by Gord at Logical Leadership for two years during a time when I was discovering my leadership interest and style. The coaching was instrumental in helping me find my way in my new leadership roles, in a volunteer team lead capacity, and at work managing multi-disciplinary project teams.


I found the coaching especially helpful in setting direction and expectations for those under my leadership, managing conflict, and understanding how to lead in alignment with my values.


The benefit of one-on-one coaching is that Gord was able to ask tough questions to help me learn about myself and think more deeply about my values and aspirations. We don't often take enough time to reflect on the questions of values, principles, and our dreams. The time spend in coaching sessions really set the tone for building greater self-awareness, which translated into the ability to build stronger skills in all areas of my personal and professional life.


Prior to working with Gord, I had a one-dimensional view of leadership - the charismatic, powerful and decisive leader. It didn't fit my style, which was more quite, collaborative, and service oriented. I learned through this experience that I must be authentic and leverage the strengths in my style of leadership.


I gained significant confidence in working with Gord because I saw progress and results between our sessions. I was able to be more effective in my volunteer, professional and personal endeavors and overcame some major conflicts with grace. I learned to view others differently as well - instead of seeing obstacles in challenging relationships, I saw possibility to influence positively and learned to let go of what I could not control.


Over 7 years later, I continue to apply the learning in my time with Logical Leadership. I value Gord immensely - words could not express the gratitude I have for my time and experience with him.


Emily Z, P.Eng.


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