How It Works

I have chosen to offer my services on an "à la carte" basis which means you get to choose your level of engagement and support.


After a complimentary "get to know one another" call and assuming you would like to work with me, then I will send you a one-page agreement that outlines the details of the working relationship.  If you agree with the details, you send me an email to that effect and then we can schedule our first session.


The "à la carte" approach means you can schedule as many or as few sessions in a given month as you desire.  For many people that is one or two sessions per month but sometimes it is more frequent depending on the situation and circumstances. I also am open to providing text and email support in between sessions on a "best efforts" basis.


Then at the end of the month, I send you or your organization an invoice for the sessions we have had that month.  While interact or EFT is preferred, I am also able to accept credit cards by using PayPal.


That is it.  Simple.  Straightforward.  No long term contracts.  No minimum number of sessions.  No on-going financial liability.  You get the engagement you want, the service you deserve and the support you are looking for all at a price you can afford.


You also get my ironclad satisfaction guarantee.  If you aren't happy with your coaching session for whatever reason, you don't have to pay the questions asked.


Contact me today and let's get started.

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