Corporate Emerging Leaders Program

I am also pleased to offer individuals and organizations an Emerging Leaders Program or ELP.  


This program is designed to support from six to ten, non-competitive leaders in a six-month program to help them better understand who they are as leaders and how to maximize both their growth and effectiveness.  


Specific content is provided each month as a foundation for the program, complimented by the group sessions that encourage peer to peer learning and the one-on-one coaching that supports individual reflection, awareness, insight and accountability.


The program consists of six two-hour virtual team sessions and six one on one coaching sessions per participant.  Each participant will also receive a complimentary comprehensive Core Values Index Assessment as part of the program.


Organizations wishing to ensure specific leadership topics are covered as part of the program are welcome to engage in co-creating and tailoring the program to meet the organizational needs.


The ELP costs $2400 plus GST per participant.

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