The Core Coaching Program

One of the reasons that Professional Coaching is so effective is that the agenda for the coaching comes from you, the client.  In other words, we will focus on what is most important to you based on what you are experiencing in real time.


However, until people have experienced the nature of a Professional Coaching relationship, many don't really know what to expect and this can cause feelings of uncertainty, trepidation or even anxiousness.  All of which conspire to keep people from engaging. Let me help put your mind at ease.


First of all, know that as an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach, I have agreed to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.  You are welcome to review the Code Of Ethics here.


Secondly, it is important to know that you are welcome to terminate our coaching relationship at any time.  You are in full control of your engagement.  No one can be "forced" into a successful coaching relationship; it just doesn't work that way.


Finally, I have developed a "core program" to get us started in the coaching process.  I have found that this core program creates the strong foundation of trust necessary for a successful coaching relationship. It also serves to accelerate the positive and profound impact of the coaching thus delivering real value to you in a very short period of time.  If your situation or circumstance requires that we focus on something of immediate concern to you right of the bat, that is absolutely fine as well.  The Core Coaching Program is a suggestion, not a requirement.


Each session is 60-90minutes in length and ideally, two weeks apart.


In our first session, we will work to discover your personal values and beliefs that define who you are as a person and as a leader.


In our second session, we will debrief your Core Values Index (CVI) results, to give you specific strategies to reduce stress and improve your personal effectiveness.


During this session, we will start to define and refine your personal direction, vision, purpose or "your why" so you are clear where you are going.

Of course, this is just a possible starting point.  Ultimately, the agenda is yours and we will focus our effort and energy on the most important thing for you at the time of coaching.  


That is one of the biggest benefits of coaching as a learning modality - it is real life, in real time about real issues that you are facing.  This is why it is so impactful.  That is why it is so valuable.


Coaching is a process that empowers you to address real issues so the benefit is NOT just your learning.  It is also about making changes for the better and improving the situation around you.


Are you interested in personal growth and professional development?  Are you ready to move things forward, make them better and feel good about the contribution you are making?  Contact me today and lets chat about what you would like to see improved.


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