Leadership Consulting

What is leadership consulting and how does it differ from management consulting?


Leadership consulting is about taking a coaching approach to growing or improving the organization you lead.  Typical areas of interest include (but aren't limited to):








Organizational Culture


and occasionally, assistance with creating progressive policies, practices and procedures that enable sustained growth or improvement over time.


Management consultants bring expertise to the table. In many cases this is exactly what is needed. However, it isn't the only approach.  You see, I believe you all ready have all the expertise you need and are looking for help in getting it uncovered, refined and dialed in.  In essence, I think leaders should lead.  So...my approach is to work with and support leaders in developing their unique interpretation of the items listed above which results in a number of key benefits.


Firstly, no third party needs to be brought up to speed on the organization being served.  The leader already has the information required, is often very familiar with the industry, the business, the challenges and the opportunities.


Secondly, the leader takes accountability for working with the existing organization to develop and evolve the organization's Vision, Mission and/or Strategy etc.  This encourages engagement and buy in, without the need for a  "sales job".  An empowered organization participates in the leadership of that organization.


Thirdly, the leader in question owns the ideas, the materials, and the approach taken and as a result will also get the recognition and credibility that comes from the process and its outcomes.  This credibility further elevates their influence within the organization.


So, are there times when hiring a team of management consultants is the right approach?  Absolutely!  Might there be times when you as the leader could use a hand in leading the organization through the development and deployment of some of these key elements of organizational success?  I think that is also true.


Are you the kind of leader that wants to take this on, remain in the leadership seat and deliver innovative, creative and inspiring aspirations of organizational success to your myriad of different stakeholders?  If so, we should chat.  I can help you lead your organization in a way that resonates with you and who you are as a leader.



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