Executive Coaching

In my experience, Professional Coaching is the most powerful personal and professional development approach available in the world today for a number of reasons.


Firstly, it is a fully confidential professional relationship so you get to talk about what is really going on, without pretense or concern for what others might think.  It is a psychologically safe environment where you get to be you.


Secondly, the agenda or the things we work on is set by you. In that way it is real time learning because there is no role playing or made up scenarios.  Whatever is happening in your world is what gets the focus of our attention.


Thirdly, the coaching process and skillset enables and encourages you to come to your own realizations about what is truly going on and how you might choose to see things differently.  As a result, there is no discounting or excuse making.  The insights and epiphanies you have in a coaching relationship are real to you and that makes them powerful.


Fourthly, part of the coaching process is to challenge you to step into your true potential, to take appropriate risks and then I will also act as an accountability partner so you don't let yourself down.  As one of my coaching friends once said, "If you don't want to change or grow, don't hire a coach!".


Finally, as your coach - I have no outcomes or expectations in mind for you.  Unlike your bosses, colleagues, friends or family, the choices and the direction you take are up to you.  I may challenge you to ensure the decisions you are making are aligned with your values and aspirations but I hold no agenda for you.


In summary, I like to think of coaching as creating the opportunity for clients to engage in the following:



Coaching is about learning more about yourself and discovering where your beliefs, biases, assumptions and projections may be holding you back.  Discover a new way of looking at yourself.  Discover a new way of seeing yourself in the world.



...and what do you want to do about that? How would approaching that differently impact the outcome?  Development is all about translating the Discovery into meaningful change. Clients are often amazed at how much more relaxed they feel knowing they don't have to pretend anymore.  The path forward is often EASIER not more difficult than the path they were on before!



Of course, nothing is real until the idea and the plan are deployed in some meaningful way into the real world.  And then you can assess the impact and results.  Did you act as you wanted?  How did people respond?  What are the unexpected consequences?  What needs to be reconsidered or done differently?  The real emergence of an authentical leader cannot happen without deploying what has been discovered in the real world of leadership.  As your coach, I help you be accountable to actually deploying the changes you want to make...and experiencing growth as a consequence.


What to learn more?  Contact me and let's chat.

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