The LeaderSTEP Program

The LeaderSTEP Program is a FREE weekly newsletter that provides you with a leadership tip, skill or way of thinking every week.  Why every week?  Because personal growth and professional development take time.


If you have ever gone to a seminar or conference on leadership, you have probably taken away a feeling of inspiration, one or two key tips or techniques and at least some committment to deploy this new knowledge in your place of work.  Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to keep this committment under the pressures of day to day life.


LeaderSTEP provides you with a regular reminder that you are a leader and that you have leadership talent that deserves development.


LeaderSTEP is a weekly, easily read and digestible newsletter that gives you:

  • a specific tool, tip or technique for the week,
  • a skills challenge to actually deploy that tool, tip or technique in your career and in your life,
  • an inspirational or thought provoking quote,
  • a recommended book to read or sometimes a video or website on leadership to check out,
  • and, the opportunity to become a better, more effective leader...over time.


LeaderSTEP is free.  You can subscribe below and opt out at any time.


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