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Scaling Leadership

I want to start this page by sharing some foundational quotations from "Scaling Leadership" authored by Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoboken New Jersey, 2019.



“Organizational leadership is scaling the capacity and capability in the organization to create outcomes that matter most – to create its desired, optimal, and viable future. Leadership also scales the capability in an organization to perform and thrive by constantly, and agilely, reinventing itself win the midst of volatile, ever changing conditions.”


“A business can’t outgrow the effectiveness of its leadership!”


“Scale can only be achieved by developing capacity and capability in others.  Effective leaders develop other leaders.”





Scaling Leadership is a powerful book that reinforces the importance of leadership and leadership development in organisational success.  But where does one start growing leaders?  I have an opinion.


 Many years ago, when I first started C-Quill Development Inc. it was because I saw young professionals entering the workplace with limited experience in how to work within the organizational environment.  Before I became a coach, I was determined to help these young people make a bigger contribution, faster by working with them one on one to improve their organisational and interpersonal skills.


These same people are now in leadership roles and I am seeing the same thing all over again.  Except this time, instead of interpersonal skills challenges, they are struggling with leadership skills challenges...with an impact that goes way beyond their personal performance.


Now, no one can read a book about leadership and become a leader.  It is too experiential in nature.  However, once they are in a leadership position - what is the cost in lost productivity and effectiveness that results from them learning on the fly often by trial and error or worse yet, trying to be someone they are not because of various leadership role models (the good, the bad and the ugly) that they have experienced over the years?


I have developed leadership development programs that are designed to accelerate the growth and development of young leaders.  These programs are not the "sheep dip" variety that exposes hundreds if not thousands of people to the same message all at once, while those in the back check their Facebook status.  I am sorry, but those programs are just not effective.  As a wise man once said, "Training without Coaching is Entertainment".


The programs I run to support leadership development in organizations are configured to meet the needs of the organization AND the leader.  They vary from only one on one sessions to a mixture of group and one on one sessions through to large group presentations followed up guessed it, one on one sessions.


Leadership development is critical to your organization's future success. Don't throw your money away on "one size fits all" solutions and hope that your best and brightest take something away from the experience!  Commit to growing the leader by growing the person using a personal high impact approach.  An approach I am happy to discuss with you at your convenience.


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